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We are the best value in Syracuse for high-end Internet consulting. To match the skill-set we offer, you would have to hire a large, expensive advertising agency or an engineering research firm. When you hire us, you get individual, attentive service, without the high overhead associated with your other options.

Web-Database Integration 

This is our specialty. We have educational and project background experience in database design, information organization, information access, human-computer interface design, and computer programming. We can assist you in publishing your organization's information to a broader audience in a way that they will find indispensable. If you have product catalogs, support databases, meeting calendars, or any other regularly updated information, you will be amazed at the accessibility and easy of maintenance we can bring to your application. The Web is just budding as a sales medium, but as a pre-sales and product support medium it is already booming. Many Web developers make the mistake of focussing all of their attention on sales when the true treasure of the Web is as tool that lets you reduce high communications costs with not only your customers, but also your suppliers and partners.

We have developed all levels of database applications from small single-page hotlists to large public classified ad systems to legacy database publishing. Please view our portfolio.

Internet Consulting 

What kinds of communication can the Internet support for my company? The Internet is an amazing communications medium. Getting to the heart of how it can help your business cut costs and/or grow requires knowledge of the science of business processes and communication. Success on the Internet hinges most on your internal organization: the people, technology, processes, and culture that provide the knowledge that drives your business. We understand these sciences and can design a site and system that fits your unique situation.

It is imperative that any information placed out on the Web also have processes established within your organization to keep it up-to-date. Publishing to the Internet the first time can be amazingly cheap. What many consultants fail to tell their clients is the high cost (within your organization, not just in dollars paid to a Web maintainer) of keeping your site current. Business process redesign using information technology is one of our areas of academic expertise. We make certain at the beginning of the project that the information maintenance process within your company is possible and affordable.

Another mistake often made by consultants with little experience with the Internet is considering only Web-based communication solutions. The Internet supports many protocols (FTP, Internet Relay Chat, Talk, Internet Phone, Usenet, secure shell) and integrated services (email to voice, data to fax, Web-email announcements, encrypted email), in addition to the more familiar HTTP (HyperText Transport Protocol). There are many means of communicating over the global Internet, and selecting the most effective requires understanding the different needs of one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many communication.

Website Design 

Even the most expensive Websites contain blatant flaws. (How often have you struggled to find a 1-800 number or mailing address on a large corporate Website?) Determining who your Website will reach and the process of information discovery they are trying to support by using your site is one of the first tasks we go through at the start of a project. This analyis can save you a lot of money in wasted publishing and wasted opportunity. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of money publicizing a brand new site only to have poor response and no return from it. Careful consideration in the early stages of design can not only avoid a poor showing, but can ensure a warm reception and kudos from your customers and partners. To achieve this real success, you need to think beyond the slick brochure and think of supporting communication, which is a multi-way, not a one-way, system.

Good Website design requires an understanding of forms of communication. Many Websites of otherwise high production value can be very confusing. This confusion arises because designers often ignore established document genres in their attempts to be creative, putting "cool" ahead of "useful". How often have you looked at a Website and thought to youself, "What is this thing?" The questions "What is the point?" and "Is there anything here I care about?" quickly follow. These problems all point to a lack of understood document genre. One would never pick up a memo, an annual report, a timecard, a wedding invitation, or any of the other familiar genres of our society and ask the same questions.

The solution to this Web communication problem is two-fold. One, the Web designers need to be very aware of new and established trends in Web design to be able to adapt those design features that communicate the Website purpose most effectively. Two, if a completely different design is needed, the designers must understand what genre brings to a communication and make up for it in the design.

Networking and Connectivity 

There are a lot of connectivity options now in Central New York: 56k dial-up, ADSL (Asyncronous Digital Subscriber Line), ISDN, RoadRunner, Dedicated lines. If you are considering putting your entire organization online, we can help you determine your short and long-term needs and which level of connectivity will support them.

We can also help you determine whether it is more effective to put your email and public servers in-house or whether they should be out-sourced. We do not do commercial hosting or connectivity ourselves, so you can be assured of getting unbiased recommendations. Many of our clients are organizations who made their previous connectivity and hosting decisions without the knowledge to ask the right questions. If you are getting your organization online for the first time let us help you make the right decisions the first time.

Domain name registration 

We also understand the processes of domain name registration. A domain name is your presence on the Web, the name you want people to remember and to visit. (Please visit our Domain name page for more information on domain names.) Some companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to obtain a memorable domain name, but most find the name they want is still available. Pending changes in the domain name system will make more names available. We can help you with the process of choosing and registering your name.

The registration processes are not complicated, but getting them wrong can cause enormous headaches in the future. For example, some ISPs will put themselves in control of your domain name. If you determine that the ISP is no longer meeting your needs, they are in a position to delay your move and disrupt your service. Even worse, a few ISPs set themselves up as owners of the domain, which prevents you from moving at all--in fact, if they wanted, the ISP could take for themselves or give it to someone else. (The potential problems are explained in more detail on our Domain name page.) Since we do no commercial hosting, you can be assured of getting unbiased assistance in setting up your domain name.

Keywording and Indexing 

Once you have a site filled with great information for your visitors they need to be able to find you when they want to. You can reach your regular customers and partners by putting your URL on your promotional materials and letterhead, but to reach new and infrequent customers your site must be easily locatable. There are several essential methods for making certain your site will draw in the visitors who want and need to find you. Some methods are quick and cheap and others are expensive and time-consuming and others require an ongoing effort. We can work with you to make certain you get the most out of your online investment over the long-term.

We have built our own spiders and search engines so we know first-hand the technology behind the Internet's search engines. We use that knowledge and our knowledge of individual searching behavior to design your site to be found by the people who need and want to find it.

Systems We Support 

We specialize in system design using OpenSource software. OpenSource is your best choice for Internet services. For more information see our document Why OpenSource.

OpenSource software is also the choice of most Internet Service Providers (ISPs). We have several in-house development servers with software that matches that used by the majority of ISPs. This positions us well for developing your services in-house for fast turnaround. It also gives us an in-depth understanding of the capabilities of commercial Web-hosting companies.

In-house we have the following platforms:
  • Linux
  • Solaris 2.5.x
  • Windows 95
  • Macintosh
  • MKLinux
  • Windows NT


Forms of Communication
The Web Architechs partners have written two published papers on Web Genre and other papers on electronic markets. If you are interested, these papers can be found in our
publications section.

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