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Skills & Experience 

Developing a truly useful Web application requires understanding more than HTML; it requires understanding the potential and limitations of a virtual community. We have long-term experience with computing and the Internet and can help you develop a Website that is a communication tool, not just a brochure.

We have been Internet users since 1985 and have been developing Web-based applications since 1994. Web Architechs was founded in Syracuse in 1996.

Educational Background 

Among the partners, we have undergraduate degrees in mathematics/computer science and electrical engineering (from Harvard and Michigan), and graduate degrees in management and information studies (MIT and Michigan). This is a tough-to-match combination.

Virtual Communication 

Hiring an Internet consulting company that does not understand forms of communication could cost you a lot, not just in the construction of the Website, but also in disappointment on the part of customers and partners. Your competition on the Internet is fiercer than that you may face locally, especially if you are intending to utilize the global property of the Internet to expand into geographically distant markets you previously could not afford to reach. This is an extremely fickle audience that will not have the patience to put up with sketchy content, poor design, lack of interaction, and slow-loading pages.

Skills Listing 

We have experience with multiple operating systems:
UNIX (Solaris, BSD, Linux), Macintosh System 9 and OS X, Windows 95/98, Windows XP, DOS
Programming languages:
APL, BASIC, Fortran, Pascal, C, C++, Objective C, Lisp, Tcl/Tk, Perl
Software development:
Spiral method, waterfall method, opensource, prototyping, human-factors testing
Research areas:
Organizational impacts of information technology, distributed teams, electronic markets, genres of communications, gender and electronic communications, organizational modelling, coordination theory
Other skills:
Information access system design, consumer device interface design, graphic design, animation
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